For this week, we have another short piece on my art progress. I was to be writing about teas, but I just haven’t had the time – among being sick and having some additional work (equal to full-time hours) – I decided to put teas on the back burner until next week.

This week, I’m going to talk a little about a couple of things – my current progress report on my art and a Final Fantasy XIV progress report. No sagely advice or whatever – that will have to wait another week or so. Forgive me.

The White Tiger Painting Progress Report

First, let’s talk about the white tiger painting. It was my next project after my painting of Ukonsavara – that one relic axe from Final Fantasy XIV. This time, I’m toying around with some stylistic choices.

I drove my fingers into the paint, and now nothing can stop me.

I first began the white tiger painting with a reference.

This is the reference photo I will be using:

A white tiger sleeping

A sleepy boi, isn’t he?

I figured this would be a good reference to use. Tiger paintings normally have these majestic beasts in powerful poses, such as stalking, so a sleepy painting would be a tad more uncommon.

But I wanted to do a simple sketch and worry about the details later. Or try not to worry about so many details. I wanted to create a flow, something that just screams gesture.

So, on August 28, 2019, I began to work the painting. I coated the canvas with a layer of white gesso and let it dry. On August 29, 2019, I lined the painting with borders created with masking tape and got to work with black gesso.

A photo of a painting in progress. Currently has just a black background.
Yeah, it’s just black. It took a lot more work to paint all of that though. I still need another coat too!

My idea? To start with a black background. It’s a white tiger after all, so I wanted to make sure that the animal truly stands out. What better way to do that than to use a black background?

Unfortunately, that’s all I have so far regarding the painting; the remaining updates and the actual painting of the subject will have to wait. I will provide future updates when the time is right.

The Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Progress Report!

Okay, so I have been playing the Shadowbringers expansion nearly every day since the official early access launch. There are days where I played for several hours at a time – other days I’ve only dabbled for a few minutes.

A screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV, of the location Il Mheg
A waterfall in one of Final Fantasy XIV’s locales, Il Mheg. Think I should take a trek to a real waterfall soon.

Admittedly, I’m starting to feel a little burned out. It’s about time though, right? But my passion for the MMO stays true. Over time, I’ve:

  • Reached level 80 with six Disciples of War/Magic – Gunbreaker, followed by Dragoon, Dancer, Machinist, Bard, and Red Mage. Currently working on White Mage, Paladin, and Summoner.
  • Reached level 80 with one Disciple of the Land/Hand – Botanist and Culinarian, respectively. Currently working on Miner and Blacksmith (slowly catching up several other crafting jobs as well but BSM is just the main focus).
  • Completed the MSQ – Holy hell, was that an experience. Everyone has basically said what I wanted to say, but sometime I would love to write out the experience in Taly’s (my character) point-of-view, to flex my creative writing muscles.
  • Trounced Eden Normal – I enjoyed Eden normal, I really did. I want to see more of it. But just didn’t expect Eden to be the first boss. I expected Eden to be the last bast of the entire freakin’ raid. You know, I’m still expecting Eden to be the final, final boss but as like, super Eden or something.
  • Cleared Eden Savage floors one and two on the first tier. Stuck on the third tier. Feeling blah about it, to be honest. Hoping to clear next week. Even tried last night and did not succeed. Hit 4.5 percent though. Never had I felt such a great urge to flip a table until then.
  • Cleared both extreme trials.
  • Now, I’m just crafting and diddling in-game, though I finally turned my attention to other games: Minecraft and Final Fantasy XII for the Switch, namely.

Well, that’s all I can provide for now for those two topics. I promise I’ll have some actual valuable information next week! Look forward to it!

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