Staring down the might that is Shinryu. Nothing new. It is just an ordinary day with my adventuring companions: Fob, Shieka, Alma, Neone, Reg, Koob, Ringo, and, well, myself. Talia.

The dragoon. Yea, dragoons are labeled as Eorzea’s glorious, polished floor decorum, but not this one. And I’ve proven it today. Surrounded by Shinryu’s minions, thousands of yalms above Eorzea – sounds like a great beginning, right? A few slashes here, a punch or two there, several stabs elsewhere. These pathetic beasts were slain in mere seconds.

But what my allies failed to acknowledge was a massive, scaled tip thrust through the platform we tumbled onto. And unfortunately, each and every friend stood in the tip’s path, just as it shot – at the speed of a bard’s arrow – and crashed into its target.

It was baffling to witness. Most of my companions were tossed like ragdolls off the safety of our platform. The remainder faced a deadlier end. Save for me. Though the force of the crash threw me towards the edge of the platform, it failed to knock me from said platform. Sprawled out and spending a moment regulating my breaths, I couldn’t help but stare agape at my friends, who have fallen towards home.

Their fate rest on my gauntlets. I have to avenge them. I must!

For a moment, the tail refused to dislodge. My chance was here!

“Come to me, hero! I will show you the extent of my power!”

He gave me the opportunity, I suppose. With a massive leap, I scaled the tail as fast as my legs could carry me. It was my chance to prove that a dragon could and should fear the dragoon. We were born for this moment, shaped for it!

Light – multiple rays, in fact – faded into view.

“Shite,” I subconsciously muttered, sprinting along each shimmering scale. Left, right my body would shift, carefully dodging the rays that bloomed into full, stunning essences.

That’s right: they literally stunned.

My calves pushed mightily from the base of the tail bridge, sending my body sprawling onto the new, gray debris-based platform. I stared into the glowing, vicious eyes of the grand beast, Daboya Physeos gripped tightly.

My mind rang with what seemed to be the voices of my comrades cheering me on. A dragoon facing off with a dragon.

What a perfect battle.

Except… two blasts and a powerful blow through the midriff. A pained gasp escaped my lips before I slipped into darkness’ tight embrace.


Tch. What a dragoon.

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5 months ago

If only I dodged the spiky tail :(. Great post!

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