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Being a ninja in Mor Dhona

Well, that’s not for another week or so, but I’m in official FFXIV: Shadowbringers prep mode. And I’m 100 percent certain fellow Final Fantasy XIV players are in the same boat. As of late, I log into a sea of players, suggesting that people are either returning to the game and catching up on the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) or joining the game for the first time, simply because Shadowbringers promises the Viera and Hrothgar races, as well as the Gunbreaker and Dancer jobs.

As for myself, I have a fairly long to-do list that will remain incomplete when Shadowbringers launches. But you know what? I can always go back to them, and I will be stronger when it happens too. Perhaps I will be so strong, I will be able to solo/duo/trio a lot of the challenges that I’ve been unable to previously complete (without a good group anyway).

While the initial section may help, it consists of a personal to-do list aimed for completion before the Shadowbringers launch. Or… at least to do at some point.

There are a couple of other lists that have been created for the general public – a real-life preparation list of what you should do if you plan to take time off for Shadowbringers, and the “leveling quickly” list – ready for you after this first list. Feel free to skip to those lists by typing in search: “Level Your Gunbreaker or Dancer” and/or “FFXIV: Shadowbringers Prep List”.

The Totally Official Personal To Do List for Shadowbringers

Leveling Ninja in Sohm Al FFXIV
Yup, that’s me. Being a dork.
  • Reach chocobo level 20 (I have seriously neglected that – my chocobo is currently level 15)
  • Attain level 70 on ninja
  • Become level 70 on dark knight
  • Obtain level 70 on the following crafting jobs: Carpenter, Leatherworker, Goldsmith, Weaver, Alchemist, Culinarian (levels 64 – 68 at the moment)
  • Harvest level 70 on the following gathering jobs: Botanist (69), Fisher (66)
  • Clear the following savage raids: Alexander – The Soul of the Creator, Sigmascape V4.0
  • Emerge victorious in the following extreme trials:
    Emanation (Lakshmi)
    The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain
    The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain
    Hells’ Kier
    The Wreath of Snakes
  • Clear Hildibrand sidequests (shit you not, I haven’t continued the quests since mid-3.0)
  • Earn 2 million MGP
  • Obtain several orchestrion rolls: Keepers of the Lock, Afterglow, Hope Forgotten, The Stone Remembers, Old Wounds, Harmony, Songs of Salt and Suffering, Twilight over Thanalan, Notice of Death, Liberty or Death, The Ancient City, Upon the Rocks, The Worm’s Head, Answers, Decisions, Final, Not Final, A Battle Decisively, Dancing Mad – Movement I, Dancing Mad – Movement II, Dancing Mad – Movement IV, Primogenitor, Antipyretic, Cornerstone of the New World – Astra, Doman Distractions, Calamity Unbound, Breaking Boundaries
  • Reach floor 200 of Palace of the Dead
  • Overcome floor 100 of Heaven on High three more times
  • Attempt to earn 11 million gil
  • Collect all of the wolf mark prizes (one remaining)
  • Potentially work on the sightseeing log (too many remaining)
  • Obtain all mount speed maps
  • Complete all blue mage challenges at the arena
  • Grab specific mounts (at least for now):
    Aerodynamics System, Air Force, Arrhidaeus, Astrope, Auspicious Kamuy, Battle Bear, Battle Lion, Battle Panther, Blissful Kamuy, Centurio Tiger, Dark Lanner, Demonic Lanner, Dodo, Euphonious Lanner, Fabled Kamuy, Gloria-class Airship Hallowed Kamuy, Juedi, Korpokkur Kolossus, Legendary Kamuy, Logistics System, Lunar Kamuy, Magitek Avenger A-1, Magitek Avenger, Marid, Managarm, Parade Chocobo, Rathalos, Reveling Kamuy, Storm Warsteed, True Griffin, and Wyvern
  • Be best buds with the current Beastman tribes: Anata and Kojin, though Kojin is just about finished
  • Finish the Make It Rain Campaign and claim the sabotender emote
FFXIV Collecting MGP via Lord of Verminion
Empty. As Lord of Verminion should be.

Yeah, it’s a long list and I have a long way to go. Hell, there’s no way I will be completing even half of this list before the launch date. But you know what? I like having these goals. They keep me busy whenever I play (I swear I’m not addicted).

With all that being said, Shadowbringers is just around the corner, and we are going to need to prep for leveling our Gunbreakers and Dancers. So here’s my take on speed leveling:

Shadowbringers Leveling Prep: Leveling Your Gunbreaker or Dancer As Fast As Possible

If you are going to begin launch as a dancer or gunbreaker, then you’ll likely want to level as fast as possible. So, here’s how I plan to level from 60 – 70 so I can be prepared for the story ahead:

  1. Four days before launch maintenance, log out in sanctuaries and do not level; rack up that bonus exp
  2. Before launch maintenance, pick up hunts, daily and weekly
  3. Complete the challenge log
  4. While working on challenge log, take on all of your roulettes
  5. Be sure to equip your aetheryte earring, use your squadron manuals (or FC exp buff), and eat experience food
  6. Run dungeons until level 70, if you have the aetheryte earring. Otherwise, spam Heaven on High until you hit 70
FFXIV Leveling Ninja via Hunts
Trying to surpass level 60 is so tough without roulettes…

The road to level 70 is daunting, but personally, I am hoping to level Gunbreaker to 70 within just a few hours using these techniques.

That, combined with the lengthy story (as usual, expect 60 hours of playtime for Shadowbringers’ story), means that Shadowbringers will inevitably take up a lot of time, but you also need to remember that real life is important.

I’ve thus posted a real-life preparation list of what you should do while challenging the light during Shadowbringers:

The Ultimate FFXIV: Shadowbringers Prep List – What to Remember IRL

FFXIV Eating Food
Just looking at it makes me feel full.

Eat! And don’t rely on just junk food! Sure, junk is alright as a small snack, but if you truly to max out your stamina, begin launch by eating a protein-rich breakfast. A couple of scrambled eggs with fruit and rolled oats-based oatmeal is just one healthy suggestion. You could also reach for a protein drink or protein-rich espresso, like Stok Protein Espresso.

Be sure to eat lunch and dinner too (or just have a big lunch/dinner/lunner). Take the time to cook something! Have at least one vegetable and one protein. And when you have snacks, focus on nuts, fruit, vegetables (like carrots), etc. If you truly do not feel like cooking (and there’s a strong chance that will happen), meal prep for launch and the following days, so you’ll have something nutritious to easily heat up.

Taking a nap in FFXIV

Take naps! If you’ve stayed up all night, you may want to consider small, short naps throughout the day. When you feel tired, don’t fight it, just nap!

Shadowbringers prep by stretching in Final Fantasy XIV

Stretch! Every once in a while, stretch and walk around your PC, PlayStation 4, or what have you.

Walking in the forest in Final Fantasy XIV for prepping

Walk! Go outside – but make sure to be wearing sunscreen and/or a hat! But walk around your home, or even better – head out into nature for a bit. Walking in a forest is actually proven to be healthy for your mind. Then you can come back and kick some more ass.

FFXIV: Shadowbringers Prep by connecting with friends
None of this seems wrong. None of it.

Connect! Do not turn into a hermit during this journey. Instead, contact your loved ones. Speak with them, even for five seconds. They’ll at least appreciate it.

Please enjoy your time with Shadowbringers, but keep ahead with these FFXIV: Shadowbringers prep tips. I know I will! How are you preparing yourself for Shadowbringers? Catching up on anything yourself? Let me know using the comments below!

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